Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day with Gustav or John and Sarah?

It is Labor Day and I am loving it. This weekend has been a really relaxing one.

Friday night was low profile, my personal favorite.

Saturday morning, Jesse, Corey and Zelda made tracks for Nashville, TN to avoid Hurricane Gustav.

Saturday brought about a sincere attempt to clear out the cobwebs in my bedroom closet. It is a rather large one, chockful of STUFF. More than anyone should have. And none of it is of all that much value. Turtle necks of various vintages. Old shoes. Denim shirts galore. They all need a new zip code. And that they shall receive tomorrow.

Looks like this week will give the gift of additional reading time without any competition from TV. 9/1/08 brings with it the dawning of the Republican National Convention. All the major networks are carrying it beginning at 10 pm. Last week was the Democratic Convention; but, that was one I actually wanted to watch. No danger with this unless I deem to relinquish my valued time to a heightened sense of curiosity and watch Sarah The Sharpshooter accept her nomination for VP to John "Old White Guy" McCain.

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