Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Here it is easy: no new magazine subscriptions have been received today. However, please check back tomorrow for further status. I know you are perched on the edge of your couch.

[Not sure about this magazine reference? Check my previous posting.]

JUST LAXING: According to WORD's dictionary, you know, the one under TOOLS on your computer screen, LAX means to be laidback, lenient, tolerant, blah-blah-blah. So, one would guess that is the base for "re-lax" meaning to do all those things over again.

The problem is that I can't even go there for a short visit. I can't find the energy to flirt with it either. Daily I become more and more stressed for one reason or another, but mostly one: the state of our collective union as it is having an incredible impact on us in so many unanticipated paths.

George Bush and his shenanigans have been churning my stomach for years. His incremental and insistent ruination of our economy is unequaled. I have reoccurring thoughts that our wonderful country is in such a moral, social, religious and economic dilemma it is bringing us to the brink of permanent disaster. Can you say ROMAN EMPIRE???

In 2001 we were assaulted by foreign powers attempting to level our economic seat of power, literally and figuratively from the exterior. Part of their plan was to disorient us while our national market and stock exchange went into a tail spin. That, in time, would ensure our destruction. Or, so it was hoped.

As we reeled from that horrific nightmare, little did we know that Bush would create an economic disaster to overshadow this 7 year old jihad.

Nationally our falsely skyrocketing property values have all jumped off their own roofs, plummeting to a concrete reality. Many people have lost their single-most valuable investment, their homes. Gone. Homeless shelters are filled to capacity and the rental market has hit a new high to balance out the lows in honest people’s credit ratings.

Based on falling property values and record-high foreclosures, local tax coffers are either low or filled with a semblance of gold dust. Subsequently, a number of state and local governments are laying workers or have imposed hiring freezes. Teachers have been released from duty, handing over their students to classrooms, doubling their headcount. L.A. School Districts started this a while back.
Locally, we are feeling the pinch and it will leave a large bruise before it is over.

Recently, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both turned themselves over to the government, whether they liked it or not.

Two days ago Lehman Brothers dumped people on the pavement unemployed with holes in their pants pockets. Retirement plans fed to a cross-toothed shredder, investments flushed downstream. Again, New York had people streaming from buildings, but this time their wallets were bleeding.

Today I watched the news to find out that my retirement investment plan with the school system has been taken over by the government. My AIG 403b (for some reason teachers don’t have 401k policies) investment firm has joined the ranks of those assuming the dying roach position from a fresh shot of Raid.

Recession? If this is a recession, I’d hate seeing a depression. Perhaps they are calling it that because there hasn’t been anything of this nature on the books before.

All I know is that I am really concerned. If McCain and Palin get into office, Jaysus-Allah-Buddha, help us all.

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