Friday, October 3, 2008

No Debate Here: It Is Time To Celebrate

In Gone With The Wind Miss Melanie tells Rhett "Babies are always good news." Well, here is a great example of why she is spot-on. In the 'hood, several of us have been on the look out for the newest arrival to move in (or out, if you are his Mommy).

Megan had been gracefully carrying her condition and the future baby tax payer Parker beyond her due date with her ever-present characteristic perma-smile. [Hey NASA, we can put a mug of decaf coffee on the moon, but we can't accurately calibrate a woman's gestation period?] On September 19th, her hubby, Rob, who unfortunately deludes himself with the imagined moniker "Perry", was noticeably absent for a prolonged period, as was their silver rocket.

Later in the evening, around 10 pm, another fabulous guy named Joseph (aka 6-pack Joe to be exact-- wink, wink) was playing town crier and, leaning a little to the right, announcing that this little angel had arrived. And did he ever arrive in style!

I am from Pittsburgh. Please forgive me. I can't help it.

Welcome, Mr. Parker. Too bad you aren't registered to vote, but we love you like you are.
It is a joy seeing the glow you give your parents. It is a debate which emanates more: the love of you or the exhaustion from trying their nesting best to line this world with feathered cushions for your hallowed head.

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