Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We All Have Choices To Make

I was inspired to take this photo while in the Shannon (Ireland) Airport a few years ago. It, somewhat, speaks for itself; but, indulge me whilst I attempt to wax poetic.

Life, with its quirky and periodically amusing humor, sends us too many choices at times. Be it a selection between a host of personal hygiene products or a ready mix of emergency jelly bean rations.

Today I will discuss how we all have to chose between things: good or bad; hot or cold; and right or left.

Speaking of politics, did you happen to watch the 10/7 presidential debate? Were you able to maintain a consistent awareness or did you want to nod out like me? You bet'cha. (Choice: Awake or Asleep)

Originally, I had made tentative plans with Ms. Knucklehead to meet at Busboys and Poets and watch it in a collective. As the time drew closer, I determined that I'd rather stay home and have my allergy cough simulating a Lucky Strike smoker's rattle on the comfort of my sofa.
(Choice: Sit on my cozy couch and watch the debate with Jennifer Lopez's body double OR schlep myself over to the restaurant and come home late). I maintained my low profile.

Tom Brokaw should have walked softly and carried a big stick. Rather than waving a hand or two, he should have stood up and called them to task. Those two would have driven me crazy ignoring their own rules. Usually debaters in this situation are uber-cognizant of time and how they are distilling their thoughts. This voter was bored silly. It was all the same old - same old. Nothing new. Nothing controversial. They both answered questions and side-stepped them.
(Choice: answer question directly or push a predetermined agenda)

One special stand-out moment was, I think, unintended and that makes it even worse in its impact. John McCain was asked a question about the economy by a young black man. (All things being relative, he was probably well into his 30s.)McCain's first voiced thought was that he knew that this man had never heard of "Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac." What an absolutely patronizing move. He could have chosen to say something about how it was rare hearing "Joe 6-pack" talking about it before this fiasco. That would have kept him in the clear and not personalized it to an audience member. (Choice: foot in or out of mouth)

I am no stranger to falling on my sword the way McCain did in that instance. But, then again, I'm not running for president. Hmmmm. Perhaps it is time for me to update my resume and give that concept some thought for four years from now. (Choice: run for national office or remain the unassuming, shy, never-going-to-be-able-to-be-retired person that I am.)

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  1. I missed you at BB&P last night. That would have made it more worth wild.