Friday, February 13, 2009

Untimely Passing

Those of you who attended Cathedral Grade School, Cathedral High School, Central High School will remember the Reading Family. They are wonderful and, as the nuns always chatted about, housed the German organ installation crew for St. Paul Cathedral Church. They lived on Bigelow Boulevard and was one of the most creative families in the parish. I was always in awe that their home had an elevator. I'd go-go dance on it as it would go up. What a thrill. Mrs. Reading invented a bacon cooker that was very clever. Early in our high school career, they moved to Texas, much to our dismay. We never got over it. Fortunately, Katie and I have been in touch by email and enjoyed a lovely visit last spring.

Unfortunately, today Katie and her family have lost a loved one, their brother Michael. He was a few years ahead of my class year, but I clearly remember how handsome he was and how the girls fussed over him back then.
This is Katie's email:

Dear friends, Thank you all for your prayers and support during my brother Mike's illness. He passed away this morning and is now finally at peace and pain free. He brought love and laughter to many people and will be missed. God's comfort and the love and support of good friends will see me through. Peace, Katie

Katie can be reached by email at :

The City of God just gained a new citizen. I wish you well, Mike.

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