Monday, July 20, 2009


First of all, Happy Moon Landing, everyone.
Yes, I recall where I was. On the third floor bachelor pad lair of one Bernard "Rhat" Hockswender's Shadyside abode. Accompanied by Elisabeth (aka Tootsie) and Philip, we all dutifully did our best to ignore the black and white television being broadcast from its rounded Bake-O-Lite cabinet with its lovely antennae accessory.

It was hopeless trying to look cool and as if it was an everyday event. We were in awe. We were also drinking Boone's Farm Apple wine. Later I wrote in the 7/20/69 block on my complimentary Hallmark calendar (early forerunner of the Daytimer) the words: "Rhat's Moon Shot." Several weeks later he was checking a date on the calendar and was scandalized to read it. He informed me that he had never "mooned" anyone in his life. After my explanation, he was happier. The jury is still out on his record.
GO MOON WALKERS! (no Jacksonian implication intended)

Answers to the last blog posting:
(Sorry, no prizes were awarded. Relatives, friends, and readers do not qualify for the coveted mirror ball trophy.)
1. Caen, France at a lovely tented reception for the Alexandria, VA Sister City representatives, including moi, merci beaucoup. C'est magnifique!

2. Omaha Beach, Normandy, France : Mile Marker Double-Zero (00 kilometer, actually) is situated at the spot where the recapturing of peace and liberty began. It was humbling to witness the memorials and come to understand what was really offered here by incredibly brave men.

Please be on notice that Caen and Normandy will be covered more completely once I am home and a little repaired from this trip of a lifetime.

Have at it folks!!!! Operators are standing by awaiting your emails.
And, yes, I am wearing the same shirt in both photos, so save your comments. ;->


  1. Blimey Mate, it don't take a wise guy to know youz in London, round 'about Euston Road and the Kings Cross tube stop right on the Circle Line (amongst several others), at least in the picture with yer lady friend. I hear tell it's the longest champagne bar in the world but I promise I won't breath a word to your students. We don't want them more corrupted than they'll already be under your guidance!

    Call Me Doce-o

  2. I just love your blogs and all the wonderful, informative and fantastic pictures you add to make it even more interesting.

    Your are truly gifted in not only your writing abilities but in the way you present your thoughts and feelings. What a gift, indeed!~

    Thanks for sharing with me!

  3. Hey Scoop
    Is that photo with the old guy Ogmore By Sea, Wales, United Kingdom?
    Wales sure looks beautiful country!

    Glad you got back safe

    Cousin Rich