Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Those School Bells Are Wringing

Hello Fan Club,

Just a short message to let you know that, for me, the school week has started with a bang and merely continue along that line. Yesterday was long. Today was long. Tomorrow promises to be even longer. It is Back-to-School Night. It is a wonderful night where parents come to investigate the school, gather a sense of the staff, and come to know a few policies and procedures.

The only problem is teachers have been there well before students in the morning. Most of the teachers in my school can't afford to live in the area, so a long commute is involved. That means they work at least a 13 hour day. Perhaps not being aware of this, parents tend to wax on about their child's talents or concerns, sometimes to the point of disbelief. At least they are the ones keeping an eye on their progeny and attempting to keep them on track for the future.

All in all, it is just a long day. If you attend one of these evenings, think about thanking the teacher for giving up their evening to meet with you. As I said, many in this area drive incredible distances for affordable housing. They have their own young children to attend to and love. They may even have their own child's back-to-school night, but come to the one where they work instead.

And that's the way it goes...for today. See you over the weekend for the continuation of Life in the Fast Lane with Scoop.

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  1. What a bombmer, You are right Teachers Rock The World, with not much respect from Parents, School Board or Aretha.