Monday, August 31, 2009


Swallow Tail Falls State Park - Katie Ann redefining "heads up" - Lisa and Chippy. They said it wouldn't last.

Hey There, Fan Club!!!!
Permit me to introduce myself: Scoop Murphy at your service.
I feel as if I've been missing in action for months. All of it for good reason, but
nonetheless, not showing myself on a regular basis.
Mea maxi me culpa.
At this point, all is right with the world again (nearly). The Acme Internet Company finally walked me and then a friend through set up procedures, took over my laptop's control at a distance (that is amazing to watch) and now I've been set free. It is nearly the same as being liberated from jail, but I really wouldn't know what that is like. (Don't worry, Terri. I'll never tell anyone about the June '69 incident on Walnut Street and the Squirrel Hill's No. 9 police substation. I know we inspired John Lennon's "Number 9" but I really think it is best we never mention being incarcerated with those hippies. After all, we might not be able to join
a country club if it came to light.)
Where do I start in an effort to catch up with the last few months? It is going to take some time, folks. That is all I can imagine. I know, I know, I still haven't finished writing about
my summer trip. You might even say I really haven't even started it.

Then we have the weekend at Deep Creek, Maryland
with the Brannigan Brigade. Simply fabboo.
Mummy reigned supreme, as us
ual. She really enjoyed herself; but, not as much as well enjoyed her company. There was one sticky point when she was less than thrilled being left behind as Lisa and I went shopping. Not in the least bit happy was our matriarch The Uni-bombess herself. Once we returned we filled her in that we were GROCERYshopping and not CLOTHES shopping. The storm front lifted in seconds once I reminded her that she hates shopping for food nearly as much as cooking. Another happy ending.

The ladies on the left are holding the future. Both are due with little girls and we all can't be happier. In this study in black and white, we find Colleen on the left with her hubby, Jay, standing in the background holding their baby, Katie Ann. They will have their baby "Nancy" in December. Alice, on the right, is married to Mike "Mikey the Cucumber Kid" Brannigan. They are due in February.

On to the rest of the crew:
From all appearances, these relative-type people appear to be "nice folk" right?
Well, don't let that fool you. To some of my readers, they may eve
n resemble the person in your morning mirror. Again, I wouldn't relax just yet. Here is why: When we played Trivial Pursuit, it was as if they were collectively
possessed by the devil. None of them would give me points for knowing the name of the bar on the hit sitcom, "Three's Company".....Okay, so I said THE BEAGLE.
The answer was THE REGAL BEAGLE on the card. Did this stinkin' bunch even

give me partial credit? Oh, no. They couldn't handle the fact that I
was blazing through the questions like the proverbial hot knife. through butter.
So, they barred me.

They halted my progress. They discounted my answers. What a bunch. Next year, see who gets a heaping helping of hospitality first! Just be warned: I am prepping for you and your methods for playing this game.
Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
You might want to wear sandals so you can count my score as it escalates!!!!!!!!

On a separate and very serious note, I'd like to say a few words about Teddy Kennedy.
Women who enjoy maternity leave as it is today, please say thanks to Ted.
People who need time off work to be with family members for emergency situations and still need their jobs, please say Thanks to Ted for his part in the Family Leave Program.
You know, whether you agreed with this man 100% or not, you have to admire his willingness to be a lightning rod for a cause in which he believes. Many people are able to spout off political views easily enough, but Ted put his remote control down and went out there to make things happen.

Please know I fully get that he was flawed. He admitted it as well. But, he also took responsibility for his actions. That is refreshing in today's world with people trying to dodge bullets about their part in unsavory outcomes.

After watching Ted's funeral mass, I couldn't contain myself any longer. I had to participate more actively than adhering my eyes on the screen. My friend, Maureen, and I agreed we'd meet at the Arlington Cemetery Metro stop and see where we could go from there. As if synchronized by Greenwich Observatory, we were at the cemetery's station platform within minutes of each other: she from
Maryland and me from Alexandria. A great spot was available and came complete with warm and friendly company as a bonus. In particular, we met up with Steve and Geraldine, an Irish couple here for a few years on a work assignment. It was lovely, if you enjoy standing for three hours at a curb side location.
The only real inconvenience
was getting a glimpse of and listening to the village idiots expressing their 1st Amendment rights
with their obnoxious signs criticizing Kennedy, second guessing O'Bama's sexual preferences, and walking on the American flag which was tied to a belt loop. They have been barred from h
eckling burials at the cemetery based on a law suit last year, thank God. However, they did

manage to feign a medical emergency when they thought the funeral procession was nearing. First responders were radioed in along with an ambu
lance to attend to them. Meanwhile, all they were attempting to do was create chaos and disturn a funeral while employing biblical distortions to justify their antics.
In a word: disgusting.
I wish they would have arrested them.
I wish
they would make them pay for the cost of the emergency call. I wish those people to receive the same joo-joo when their time is near.

The weather was with us the entire time. While it rained and poured on the nearby interstate running toward Richmond, clouds floated by without a disturbance. Shapes and billows passed overhead as if they were lovingly keeping us from a sunburn. Rays shots down through heavenly chinks directing Teddy to his resting place.
Once the cortege passed, Maureen and I ambled back to the station to recount the day's events. Traveling back on the Metro, dinner was in order since it was nearing 8:00 pm. A wonderful local Italian restaurant was sitting right there at the stop and we fell right into it. As if by magic, the owner had a tv playing coverage of the burial. For most of it, you couldn't see much save for profile and silhouettes for the darkness of night had welcomed itself as if a poetic backdrop. Lightning was filling the sky as the Kennedy family bid their final good byes to Uncle Teddy.

This weekend I hope to stop by and see him personally. He should be easy to find on that hillside. His was a job well done. May we all be able to say we gave it our all.

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  1. Yesterday was the "first day of the rest of my career" as teachers officially reported. Thankfully I have until September 8 to get my classroom together -- they didn't tell us in graduate school just how long it might take an unskilled person to put bulletin boards together and organize a classroom library! I'm loving every second of it and will be sharing my experiences with my best buds throughout the year. I hope you're thriving in your new position at MVCS and look forward to our paths crossing at some point down the road!