Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There's No Vember like November, like No Vember I know.

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Ah, here we find our hostess, Lisa Marie, readying an enormously tasty dish calling for onions....LOTS of them.  Tears fell like Niagra Falls; but, then Skippy to the rescue. How do you spell relief? Goggles and headlamp.

We all remember the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker.

How about the guy who makes those candles fit  into the candlestick holder.  Will: you are one talented guy. Thanks for ensuring the ambiance. Now Mom, put the camera down and step away.

 Dr. Brannigan. Your patient is one hellofa turkey.
Joe "COOKIE" Kopasek demonstrating just how freely Morton's actually does run. Look closely and you can actually see the steady stream. He adjusted and all was well. Our man "COOKIE" is the salt of the Earth.
Everyone's favorite Playdough expert, Miss Bell (right) and her trusted assistant.

Kerry (aka Aunt Keke) with her number one guy and hockey player, Mr. Will.

This woman is a national security risk. She arrived uninvited, stayed two days, and forced everyone to eat corn bread pudding. Unreal.
Queen Nana surveying her people. The evening's co-recipient of the coveted Scoop Award for Best Dressed. Rumor has it she is investing her $1.00 prize and taking the entire family on a European junket. 
We've been having problems with this gal too. She visits during holidays and insists upon bringing her extensive toy collection with her.   Code name: Miss Pitty Pat
Aunt Jasmine is just a wee bit too holiday happy. We wouldn't question her emotional status, but she was hanging out with us for a long day. Do not attempt to apprehend her alone. Try it when she is with people.

Skip, Chip, Shippy, Chipster, Hey Younz. Mamie just can't keep this guy's name straight and I won't let him forget it. He is new on the scene, arriving about 25 years ago. So, don't confuse him by calling him William. It will only serve to keep him dazzled and at the sink.

 Why, just WHY, are these two so thrilled? Kerry (on the right) was so demoralized after not winning the Scoop Award for Best Dressed at Lisa's birthday luncheon (Lisa didn't win either) that she came with her guns loaded.  No jeans. No yoga pants tucked in her boots. No flannel anywhere. Strictly glam. 

The other co-recipient of the Scoop Award for Best Dressed: Nana Nonamaker. You can tell she is Skip's mom instantly. Is it the facial resemblance? No, the real truth is when he leaves the sink, she steps right into place.  It is a familial routing synchronized through genetic programming that refuses denial. I just wonder when they will visit my home.

Skip recalled the fantastic cherry cobbler Mom/Nana made when he was a younin' and did his level best to recreate it. After days consulting with three internationally recognized culinary academies, he finally Googled a recipe and went for it.  Here's Mom/Nana giving him the trade secrets for the next edition.

This is the premier broadcast of 'TURKEY CONFIDENTIAL' where emotional support was offered to those encountering cooking issues on the day-of-days. This only broadcasts once a year; however, a podcast will be coming soon on a blog near you...as soon as I can figure out how to do it without the use of a larger hammer or power saw.

Well, fan club, that was the holiday this year.  Hope you enjoyed a peek into the inner sanctum of Club Naginnarb.  Now, go look out your window and check to see if any golfers have plowed into a lawn ornament, landscaping or just hopped a curb. If so, remember to take the premier replacement for the jaws-of-life: a 9 iron club. Go for the windows on both sides just for measure.

Now, here is your coat. Your shoes are by the back door. I need to grade some papers. Be a dear and let yourself out. I'll keep an eye on you until your car starts.


  1. Ah what fun! Hmm, could the secret to the Cherry cobbler be at the sink? Something valuable's goin on there -- those Native Nonnabakers seem to patrol it so well... (heh heh Nonnabakers not Nottabakers!)

    Love Nonnymous!

  2. p.s. That must have been some BIG Turkey judging by Momma-maker's head gear! And, love the apron but did someone put that on her AFTER they saw her head gear?

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