Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today and Every Labor Day

Today: The end of World War II took place today…September 2… and what a progression from that 1945 milestone 1945 until today. Our USS Missouri’s deck must have been a grand place standing silent witness to that event. As a special turn, The Dream Foundation earned its name today. It ensured a 90 year old former Navy crew member’s return to that very deck where he saw the magic first-hand. Today, he arrived just in time for a special ceremony and posed in the same spot where he stood 65 years ago.

Today: The day the U.S. Supreme Commander, General MacArthur signed Japan’s surrender agreement, the Missouri was floating in Tokyo Bay. Today, it sits majestically, and fittingly, ensconced in Pearl Harbor. Stories about the “Greatest Generation” never cease to impress me.

Today: It is also one of those numerology days. It is the second day of September in the year of our lord 2010, so, it is 90210. Get you stamps canceled now. Only 26 more shopping days until the Feast of Good King Wenceslaus, and Scoop's birthday.

Today: Another oil platform has major problems and the Gulf is bracing for further damages. This time all the people survived the fire and escaped into the Gulf of Mexico with floatation devices. Two questions I have: how many of these platforms exist and how many prior locations have been capped? Wait, let me sneak in a third: Who takes care of these caps if they happen to uncork?

Today: Listening to oil rigs stories brings me to a small, but distracting misuse I need to do my best to remedy.
During news coverage, you’ll hear that oil wells are going to be filled with CEMENT. Reassured? Don’t be. CEMENT is the powdered silica mixture which, when added to a few other elements becomes CONCRETE.
Brother Darryl: We’ll need 5 sacks of cement to patch the sidewalk.
Concrete....and a tree
Other Brother Darryl: When it is cured, we’ll have a swell concrete path for walking to Larry’s.
Get it? Call the major networks for me. Please.

Today: Is just another day where my thoughts are directed southward to the Gulf of Mexico and the beleaguered Louisiana coastline. It wasn’t until my daughter married her Cajun husband that I really became aware of Louisiana beyond studying Jefferson’s purchase, Mardi Gras, and Johnny Horton’s hit tune “Battle of New Orleans.” Now, it seems, that I can’t escape the daily mention of it in some way, shape, or form.

Today: Our hurricane “man” Earl is making his way up the coast. Several friends of mine were part of the evacuations from different locations. Even more friends live in the predicted path and are just hunkering down for the potential beating. Hurricane parties are great fun, I suppose. My recent memory pops up an instant image of twisted trees, damaged homes cleaved with the trunks of healthy trees ripped, torn, and thrown onto roofs. That was just from a minor micro-burst during a good old fashioned storm. I can’t imagine a full force hurricane. Best of luck all you home and business owners near it. Best of luck to all you emergency personnel and crazy weather people in slicker suits. Best of luck to all you temporarily hired FEMA workers who will process even more paperwork.

Today: Should you be feeling sorry for yourself and believe your life is on a downward trend, listen up my posse. You are about to be upgraded to 1st Class. Remember hearing about the miners who are trapped underground in Chile? Well, rescue workers have estimated that they might be freed around Christmas. It is HOT, stinky, humid, dark, clammy: you name the negative environment and it is there. One of these unfortunate men, stuck a half mile down into the bowels of the Earth, is probably the only one who might not be looking forward to daylight. It seems his wife AND his mistress met each other while crying and wailing his name topside. His days are numbered no matter which way you count. Maybe he is the one whose request for bourbon and cigarettes was declined by workers.

Right Now: As this sermonette comes to a close, I want to take a special moment to reassure everyone that I will remember you once I am in the lap o’luxury. This status is rapidly approaching because my new best friend, Melissa H., has promised to show me how to make millions on the internet as soon as I fork over my banking information and password. It is going to be sweet, boys and girls. How frequently does a change like this happen upon an unsuspecting, gullible person such as moi? It is kismet!

So: while I am on my way to instant wealth and daily manicures, please stay out of the surf until Earl whips up the sand and puts it back down.

PS: Happy Labor Day. Go celebrate. Join a union or guild. Shop for school supplies and sneakers. See a movie. If you have the day off, make sure someone else is working.

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