Friday, December 10, 2010

Yesterday's Message

         Intuition is a powerful tool, if we heed its message. Sometimes that little voice in our head is a faint whisper we are not too sure said much of anything until events fall into place. Other times it is an audible message that addresses us like an old friend, reminding us to act or to sit back and witness rather than be a participant. Next voice is a loud shout mimicking a town crier announcing the edict we must obey. After that, you may experience hearing a message from your board of directors. They are all business and read to you as if it is a segment of an annual report. The final voice is more along the lines of Verdi's Anvil Chorus and it all together impossible to ignore.

        Once my blog on The Importance of Doing Something was posted and read on December 9, I received an interesting response from a good friend and fellow blogger, Ms. Irene McQuillen. She was not my intuition, but measured somewhere on the message scale of between that of an Old Friend and the Anvil Chorus.
                       "So.......Ted made and honorable mention and 
                        The Madonna and I didn't????????????
                       Don't we do something print worthy???????"
        The Madonna is her sister, Mavrene, who was named that by her grandmother as a child. Her granny was of the sainted opinion that Mavrene somehow resembled the Blessed Virgin Mary. The verdict is still out for the rest of us, but we all have nothing but respect for Grandma.

        My answer to you, Irene and Mavrene, is a resounding YES. It would have been impossible listing all my friend's virtues and talents in yesterday's posting and, more importantly, I needed to save some material for other days. After all, I am going to try posting everyday for the next while (or until I forget). Please know that proper disclosure urges me to include that although you follow in your sainted mother's footsteps with regard to creativity, your sister is not gifted in that department. We will see if she really reads this blog when I check my email next. Is that a fair statement?
        Mavrene and I were roommates, you will recall. She was great at laundry while I excelled at ironing. So, being cutting edge gals, we job shared. The same with the kitchen: I cooked to her cleaning. She typed the term papers while I created artwork. That worked out quite well; but, I think you will readily acknowledge that you "have the knack" but, sadly, she does not. She never could make candle sticks from recycled baby food jars and ash trays. Wall sconces of spray painted egg shells just weren't her calling. With regard to the play dough floral arrangements, it is believed that her product didn't resemble the model.
        Before closing I would like to stress that Mavrene has other admirable qualities which will fit into future blogs. Your level of creativity can be examined by readers at your blog site: Anger Management Girls


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  1. HA! Now that's more like it! I've been officially shut up. Now excuse me while I go collect empty pill bottles for this years Christmas ornaments.