Friday, January 21, 2011

The Gospel According to Morgan: Part 4

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MORGAN continues with a blockbuster. This one is such magnificent advice; but, for as elegant as the message might be, it is equally difficult successfully putting it into play.

One more warning: this one, much like the cheese, can stand alone but in this missive you will actually receive two passages.


Unfortunately, ours is not a world in which everyone is happy at all times. We may meet someone who is in a foul mood. It is quite possible that we many encounter someone who is sharp or curt in their manner toward us.  Now, they might not be feeling well, just had a bad experience, or had an unpleasant discussion just prior to meeting you. Regardless of all this, they are the only person responsible for their poor behavior.

If we are being too sunny, too happy, too content, just seeing us may be fuel for a negatively postured person to detract some of it from us. Some people actively search for another to take things out on. They could be resentful of our status and want us joining them in their discomfort. After all, misery does love company.

Whatever their reason, regardless of their incentive, they are spewing the equivalent of poison in to the air that can be nearly tangible. This poison can make someone quite ill and actually become deadly.  Knowing this, avoid, at all costs, assimilating any of the poison.  Absorbing poison can cloud your thinking and, if allowed, will consume us and cause physical illness.

Instead, be polite and courteous displaying understanding, compassion, and love while taking care of yourself.


I have a technique I employ as a means to achieving my goals: visualizing. That is right, I practice seeing myself being successful just as if my accomplished goals are on the television screen.  Try it. Once you have the perfect image, hold it in your mind’s eye.  Focus on it and, after a while of viewing, your subconscious and other unknown factors will begin contributing and making your dream a reality. Example, if you want to be popular, image it and eventually you could become successful with it. Your personal demeanor and the positive image you project will attract others to you and good things will begin to be yours.

Two of Morgan’s passages are all you are getting today, my friends. That is it. You are shut off until a slightly later day. Never fear, there are many more of these to come. As a matter of fact, check out the rule on the right hand side. Makes me wonder what their position is on straws and napkins.
Love you all madly,

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