Monday, February 11, 2008

"And so it goes"

This was the sign-off phrase from Linda Ellerby, one of my heroes. She was never one who instantly fit in as a fluffy reporter and the same held true once promoted to a national correspondent and anchor for a major network. It isn't an especially creative turn of a phrase, but it does drive home an interesting point. Linda's message, at least as I interpret it, was to not get all lathered up in the details and that life goes one regardless of how horrible or wonderful it gets.

She'd report on the Viet Nam War, give a body count, move to the national weather report, and then resign herself to turning another page in the Book of Life.

After being demoted because of age and not looking "feminine" enough, she sued the network and won a huge amount of money. With her take from the wrestling match, she started her own company which produces children's shows. She is a maverick. She is a glorious role-model, especially to girls.

I met her a few years ago at an event at NEA, National Education Association. She was a featured speaker about the horrors of Columbine. It was a profound personal experience to tell her how much I admire her and the work she's done. I also thanked her for her four-word insightful phrase.

As for my day? I am tired. My brain is mush. There is still much to do before I sleep.

And so it goes.

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