Sunday, October 26, 2008

BLOGGING ABOUT BLOGS: Margaret and Helen...My New Heroes
My friend, Kathy S., also known to her inner-circle as "I Don't 'Get' Blogs Even Though I Have Family From Pittsburgh" has passed this link along.

Piercing the digital veil, Kathy has ignored her personal values by investigating, evaluating, and leading the way for us all to study life through the eyes of Margaret and Helen. They are two women in their 80s, friends who have known each other over 60 years. Our world is spinning faster. Schedules are jam-full. And neighborhoods are usually same-generation, unable to garner wisdom from those who have gone before. Well, here is a chance to adjust that a wee bit.

These ladies remind me to value the long-term friendships I've had, some for over 50 years. No small feat considering I'm still in my early 30s. These gals are two REAL mavericks.

Enjoy getting to know my two brand new heroes.

Thanks for reading. I mean it. (read their blog and you'll understand.)
Peace out.
Scoop Murphy-Murf


  1. Hey buddy...once again you have made me laugh. I love the blog site that you sent to me. What funny ladies they are and of course, what a funny lady YOU are!!
    Still smile when I remember the day that you called me saying you were coming over..and we had that deliciously funny back and forth about "you are where" "you are who" and "which Kris or Chris did you call??""
    love ya...


  2. Been meaning to write an say thanks for the keys. We enjoyed your envelope too.

    Kathie and I just got home from four days in Chicago. I was there for a conference and we stretched it into a weekend.
    Great time. We ate our way through most of the West side.

    Talked to Travis - he sounds good. Says the "political season madness" at work ends on Wednesday. Griffin and the boyfriend went to Phipps. Said they have a butterfly room now. They really enjoyd it.

    Only bad thing today was the Steelers lost.

    I'm enjoying your blog. U writ gud.


  3. Hi Ruffington,
    I read your are a wonderful, dedicated teacher....I wish I had you teaching me when I was a kid.