Tuesday, November 4, 2008

#44: Results; Not Rhetoric: One Voter's Acceptance Speech

First, I would like to personally thank everyone who voted. All the formerly disenfranchised who registered and stood in the rain patiently with quiet resolve for HOURS. My best thoughts are going out to those who were not fully engaged in the political arena of the United States who got out of their seats and exchanged their energies for hope in the future.

Second, I would like to especially acknowledge John McCain for his flawless speech acknowledging Barack’s win. He was poetic, fair and exceptionally generous in his remarks. No bitter pill. No sour grapes, my friends. I just wish he would have joined forces with Al Gore when there was a rumor of a bi-partisan ticket back in the day. His time has passed and I thank him for his love of our country. He left like a gentleman and a statesman.

Third, and please know I would much prefer to deliver this last message in person: THANK YOU, SARAH PALIN. You were the whipped cream AND the double-cherry on the sundae. You were the human insurance policy ensuring Barack O’Bama’s position as president-elect. You and all your idiotic behavior and one-trick pony dancing drove the last nail in the coffin. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Now, Sarah, one small favor, please. I would like to witness you donating all those designer togs to the second-hand store. It didn’t go unnoticed to me that you were the last one off-stage at the Biltmore Hotel after the concession speech. I am so happy you dragged out your time in the limelight, but honey, we are so over you. This last shout-out is for the lipstick wearing hockey mom: GET OFF THE STAGE BECAUSE THE CLEANING CREW WANTS TO GO HOME.

Start saving all your really good boxes, folks. We’re packing up the last Bush and shipping him back from whence he crawled.


  1. I envy you being close to the action, Ruth. What a great, proud day. We have a leader.


    (in Athens, Greece)

  2. Hey, sorry about last night. I layed down around 4:30 thinking I would take an hour nap before heading over and next thing I knew it was quarter to 10. I missed most of the excitement.

  3. you are so correct...what an amazing day!!


  4. let the solcialist nation begin...USSA united states of socialist america....good-bye to all of our jobs forever...the blacks and mexicans around Florida are already looking for their checks....God help us, Revelations has begun.

  5. I am sorry that Charlie feels that way. Hate and Bigotry are so far away from what we learned as young women at CHS.


  6. Who in the hell is this Charlie person? Is she kidding?
    Wow. I bet she goes to church every sunday too.
    I have a feeling that when she gets to the pearly gates. They will be closed.

    The war is over Charlie, the REAL America won. Your world just got real small. Sort of like your mind.

    Hey, where's my check????

  7. First of all, Ruth, I couldn't agree more about the George Bush method of self transportation... His handlers must have had a hell of a time getting him to walk upright.

    Second, couldn't agree more about McCain's gratious speech, but I have to say I think he owed it to Obama for all the bull shit and hot air he blew during his campaign. ;)

    Thirdly, SOOOO ready for a change. I loved Obama's remarks about closing the gaps between the parties and serving even those that didn't vote for him.

    Which brings me to point number four Charlie. You must have just crawled out from under a rock to believe the socialist rhetoric propaganda fed to you by, well probably an unbiased source like Rush Limba. With a statement like that it is clear that you would never use our socialist library system, or that you would ever need the socialist fire department to put out your house, or that you would need to use the services of our socialist police department to break up the fight between your inbred family members; much less go to one of our many fine PUBLIC schools (which are finally going to get fixed)! And as for the "Blacks and Mexicans", well they deserve something for picking your cheap ass grapes and putting up with your bigotry. They might have gotten checks but your so called leader has doubled our national debt in eight years, securing US oil contracts in IRAQ... By the way what ever happened in Afghanistan and Binladen?

    Nice blog Ruth, it's too bad Charlie the crotch stain had to soil it.

  8. CHECKS? the only checks that have been issued to all the "Joe 6-Packs" have been signed by Republican presidents because they mucked up our economy with voo-doo and other methodologies. JOBS? who has been at the helm these last 8years? A positive balance was in the bank when Slick Willy departed. BJ or not, he knew his way around a budget.

    Yooowwwwzer, Charlie! With that kind of talk, what church did you attend and who published their bible? I'd like to read that version of Revalations. Have you checked if you are mentioned?

  9. Sorry i didn't sign my last message.

    Bill M.

  10. If we all participated in recently developed DNA mitrochondrial testing, we'd all be in for a wake-up call. It would shock us all seeing our familial roots and who-is-who in our personal family zoo.
    Blacks. Mexicans. Irish. Polish. White. English. Italian. Ticklish. Does all this matter beyond a point? Give me a break. Preferences, sure everyone has them. Bigotry? Hmmm, I am not so sure.