Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Perfect Night After

Okay. Relax. It isn't worthy of intervention...not yet. My name is Scoop M. and I am a Scrabble player, but I don't do it alone. Only socially. The champagne bottle, well now, that is a wee bit different. Terri, you are my new fav TV watcher! Thanks for that black bottle. It was shockingly effervesant even after spending the majority of its open life in the fridge. Going against my usual high standards, I flirted with it this evening. Pleasantly, it flirted back. (Please notice the strategically placed "I VOTED" sticker!) Unfortunately, it has gone on to its reward, and me to mine.
Is it just me or do you think the entire election process went by in a snap? Those 24 months just flew by for me. Hey folks, has it ever taken you 2 years to interview for a job? One quick question: Barack, if you are ready, and I can get the keys to 1400, can you start in the morning? However, knowing what you are facing, do you want a recount?

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