Friday, November 7, 2008

A Tribute To The Fruit Cake Lady

I am strictly a David Letterman devotee. Jay Leno never really caught my eye for very long. After seeing this clip (Thanks to Bernie) perhaps I would have made an exception to have witnessed this lady real-time. Marie Rudisill was Truman Capote's aunt and helped to raise him while living in Alabama and New York City. No wonder he had a different attitude. He studied at the feet of the mistress.

Sad to say that we've lost one of the greats since Moms Mabley.


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  1. Mrs. B., so glad that I heeded your "mandatory" suggestion and checked out the fruit cake lady..since I do not watch neither Jay nor David, I would have missed out on this funny funny lady. So sorry to know that she is gone..but she will not be forgotten. Not with tapes like that around!! love to all from the great state of Pennsylvania...w