Friday, December 19, 2008

FIRE MEETS DESIRE: Not for the faint of heart

Saturday Night Live's "Ladies Man" with his Courvoisier bottle can just take it some place else, gals. Our time has arrived with respect to matters of the heart and nose. Just in time for Christmas, you can wrap your man (or he can choose to do it to himself) in the scent that give pheromones the nose plug.
Are you seated?


For only $4.00, your man can SMELL like a BIG Whopper even if he only qualifies as a Junior Whopper, if you follow me, ladies. USDA and the Beef Packers' Union can forget that little "100% Pure Beef" sticker! FLAME is here.

My first thought was why not save the money by taping a grilled burger behind each ear? That was quickly followed with the belief we now have concrete proof that THE END OF DAYS IS NEAR MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! REPENT! SAVE YOUR SOULS!

If you can't do that, well, then check out your new poster boy. The 70s had its Burt Reynolds setting the pace as the first male posing for women in a sultry position. Many have followed, but now, they are all chilly in this King of Love's shadow. I can feel the fires burning now. Go ahead, click it to enlarge it. I know you want to. But, please beware: your side dish will be flies, not fries.

Need some to complete your love life?
This is no stunt. You can actually purchase this stink-bomb.

The site takes a little to boot up, if you'll pardon its performance in isolation. Be patient and it will entertain and entice you, given time. As for me? I am off to confess the sins residing on my rotting soul for placing this on my blog right next to Linus reciting the birth of Christ as the reason for the season.

Disgusting. Terrible. Yuck. The first one out there to try it, let us know how bad it is. Better yet, let us know if it works. I think it is safe to say that we all like our buns toasted every once in a while.

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  1. Thanks for in depth information. I was actually considering buying that for Rege for Christmas so that he could have that flame broiled scent with him all day.