Sunday, March 8, 2009


A big thank you goes to my cousin, Carolyn, for passing these photos along. (For an enlarged view, click on each photo.)

Displaying the "Oversize Load" sign on the lead escort truck just doesn't seem to give this entourage its proper acknowledgment.
These photos are of the US Airways Flight 1549 following its retrieval from its history making landing on the Hudson River. An unreferenced photographer snapped these incredible pictures as the fuselage was
literally trucked through Red Hook, New Jersey.

At first, these images seemingly portray a circus atmosphere because it is so surrealistic to see an Airbus navigating streets of this size. Then again, the fact that an airplane is navigating ANY road is an oddity.
While reading several articles about this incident it came out that "Sully" was also trained as a glider pilot as well as for the Airbus. Additionally, he was an expert on airline safety. The entire crew was seasoned and took the challenge on with vigor. Add those points a few geographic details, and you have the perfect positive storm.

I can't imagine how every person on-board that flight made it to dry land. I can't imagine how that plane managed to float with passengers standing on the wings having their feet puddled by the Hudson's icy waters. I can't imagine how so many boats were strategically positioned to make such an incredible response time to the scene.

It makes me feel that all is not lost in this world. I have an increased faith that long shots actually do come through when they are most needed. It is also more apparent than ever that someone, somewhere will win the lottery, but that is never a good idea to write checks until your name is called to collect.

My wish for all of you is that on any future flight that God will be your co-pilot; but, that "Sully" will be at the controls.

And so it goes.....


  1. Interestingly enough, most of the passengers managed to stay on the wings of the plane until help arrived by huddling together and holding on to one another until a boat arrived. The passengers who slipped into the icy Hudson River were the ones who were unable, or unwilling, to hold on to other people. Sometimes we need to reach out to other people for help, no matter how uncomfortable it might make us.

    Bill Rudin

  2. Ruth,
    That was truly fantastic and so unbelievable as well. Can you imagine getting into your car and seeing something like that coming down your street!!! Wow! How humbling can that be!!!Thank you for sharing those pictures and the story with me. It is so amazing and to think that all the passengers were safe and protected by God's special co-pilot Sully! Thanks again for this one.