Sunday, October 18, 2009

THE MAN IS BACK--- WATCH OUT BROWNS, Cleveland needs you to return

Okay, so he might be wearing a brace to support his knee, but number 43 is back in action.  He has been missed. The Steelers just wasn't the same team with him on the sidelines.  So grateful that you are back, Troy. Your STEELER NATION fans are cheering you on.

Go take care of those Cleveland Browns. Sorry, Molly, Black and Gold will win today over, hmmmm, is it brown and orange?  I'll give you that your team should be well represented at Heinz Field today as the drive is somewhat convenient. Let's see what comes of this fabulous match. What a punishment that it isn't being broadcast. I will settle for the Redskins v. The Chiefs, but it isn't my first choice. Sorry, Judy. I still love them though.

(as if it wasn't leading)
As many of you know phonics, perhaps you will follow my concern with today's sportscasters pronunciation of BRETT FAVRE'S name.
Perhaps you are equally concerned, right along with me, that Brett can't really decode his own name. F-A-V-R-E.  It is based in the French language and, basically translated from its origin in the early 15th century vernacular, means "he who can't rest or retire."
Every telecaster will say Brett's last name as if the R and the V are transposed. Folks, wake up, this is wrong. 
His name is NOT "FaRRRRRvvvvve"  but, rather, FAVVVVVrrrrre. It is tricky, but if you really look at the word you will see that the V definitely doesn't move. It remains stationary every time it is printed, so see if you can focus and say it correctly.  I say this is the real reason the man cries during press conferences. He is in phonemic hell. Just a suggestion.  Let me say that it feels great being able to get that out in print so now I can meditate free of any reoccurring thoughts of this incredible issue.

Now, moving along, let's just check our STEELER NATION representation on the pre-game show today. Oh yes, it is comprised of several wonderfully knowledgeable former players.
Boomer, nice seeing you again.
Jim, always a pleasure.

But, gentlemen, you take a back seat to two other key analysts:
(former) Coach Cowher,  A PITTBURGHER
Dan Marino,  A PITTSBURGHER and a distant cousin on my Mummy's side of the tree. {Are you folks in Wales thinking this is wonderful seeing your distant is waaaaayyyyyy distant, but a connection, nonetheless.}

Of the two, Dan is teacher's pet. Please, please, please, don't tell Bill Cowher as he may have a Brett FaVre moment on the telly. Dan is a guy from MY side of town. He is an Oakland boy from St. Regis Parish. Dan attended Central Catholic School for Handsome Guys which was, fortunately for my fellow high school academics, a mere three city-blocks distance from Oakland Catholic School for Gorgeous Girls. (Let's bow our heads at this point for the memory of St. Paul Cathedral High School which was renamed OCS when it became a diocesan concern.) 
Check out this fresh face and how it has morphed into the glam-guy of today. Easy on the eyes, ladies.  Am I right OR Am I right?
Oh, Danny. Your mummy is praaaaad of you!  I leave you with this visual as I leave to troll the web for a broadcast of the Steeler-Brown game... If I may quote a sentiment my Mummy would have posed, "Oh my, look at those nice, straight teeth."
I remain, waving my Terrible Towel.

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  1. They are a Hunky Group of Men, And I am in agreement "The Man Is Back" I just lovvvvvvvve Him. I have a shirt that says " Water covers 70% of the Earth's surface. Troy Polamalu covers the rest " I have 2 of these tea shirt, one to wear, the other to frame. What can I say, I love the man.

    Then we have the "Hunk a Dunk Big Ben, and let's not forget our Handsome fenomenal WADE with that smile that melts my heart.

    My biggest drem is to hang out with all of THE STEELERS, PAST AND PRESENT