Friday, December 24, 2010

A Gift That Keeps on Giving: The Gospel According to Morgan

MORGAN, my dad. What a guy. As his Christmas gift this year, he is still chasing me with his advice even though he came to terms with his limited engagement here on Earth in 1990.

Photo: Dad imitating Bing Crosby. Favorite buddy Blarney at his side. Circa 1979.

While doing some holiday related tasks, I rediscovered some of his papers in a file. I have a treasure trove of some of Dad's writings, mostly dealing with family history and lore. But today's papers are a different variety in that they are Dad's advice to his family.  That is right. He's been gone 21 years and yet he still isn't finished passing along juicy tidbits. Luckily, I have his personal recipes, two or three cookbooks, and a few of his prized possessions such as his ravioli maker and his harmonica. Both are still producing beautiful treats. I nearly forgot about this document and all his great lessons

Remarkable that he guided me to the filing cabinet and folder reminding me at Christmas that his advice is still there for the taking. What a gift. Seven pages of deliberately printed rules of engagement with living, all in single spacing. Each page chalk full of solid state, 100% organic, homegrown, verified and tested, world-class advice according to Morgan James Brannigan. 

Stay tuned as I share his thoughts with you over the next few blogs:

Rule 1: KEEP  YOUR EXPECTATIONS LOW REGARDING FRIENDSHIP    People may surprise you and be great, but remember that they are only human. 

When you are a member of a church or a club, wait to be asked to do a job. When you volunteer you can sometimes be thought of as an interloper. When you are asked, you are given the license by your group to do a job. They will be happier with you for cooperating than they would be thinking you are a know-it-all or bossy.

When you listen to others, remember to show your interest in what they are saying. Don't force your conversation and views on people. They will resent it and not really listen to you if you do.

Your time is much better spent becoming adept at subtly praising others. Now, don't over praise them or they won't believe you, but do praise people often. Everyone likes having their accomplishments noticed.

Give your side of a topic, but also tender agreement with others, even if/when your point is more qualified.

Well, that is all you are getting today. Please stop by daily and check to see how well I am keeping up with this daily blogging thing. Stay tuned for tomorrow's dose of The Gospel According to Morgan.

I'd like to take this time to thank him for the time he took on this project. As an added bonus, I will be featuring his advice as I blog. Dad's sage advise will be here for your consideration as well. Don't thank me, thank him.

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