Monday, December 20, 2010

Students, Shoes, and Shows

This morning a student bestowed one of the best gifts I've received from one of them: A PREGNANT GOAT. She and her family gave me a Christmas ornament of a pregnant goat which was utterly pronounced. The accompanying tag stated: "Merry Christmas and thanks from the families of Pignon, Haiti, for the gift of a pregnant goat."

Chocolates and bubble bath be damned! This goat is the greatest. I wish I could see its kid and the benefits it will have on the Haitian people in Pignon. Everyone should have a gift that keeps on giving like this.

Right up front I am going to reveal something that some of you already may have guessed:

YES, I ALSO BOUGHT THE BLACK AND WHITE OXFORDS AS WELL. And NO, I am not sorry or repentant about it in the least. No mea maxima culpa here, my posse. I love them. They are the most comfy things gracing my toes in a long time. So, there. Go get your own like Kathy S. did. She couldn't allow the days to tick by without snagging a pair either. Just call us the Star Dust Twins.

On to other items. Christmas music has been dancing through my brain like no tomorrow. Commercials get me the worst. They plant a seed that grows all day sometimes. This last week I've attended two wonderful holiday concerts: The Leahy Family Christmas and The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington.

LEAHY FAMILY CHRISTMAS: Canada's greatest family export. The entire group is made up of brothers and sisters, although they are bringing on their children in kind. These wee ones can do the Irish jig and prance like River Dance nearly as well as the adults. At this last concert, a two year old in diapers was up there doing his dance and was relentless and, considering his age, very dedicated to hopping in place and competing with his younger family members to some quick tunes. Their music is 100% wholesome and well presented to a packed crowd at George Mason University's Center for the Arts every year. If you are fortunate, you may see one of their specials on a public television channel near you.

GAY MEN'S CHORUS OF WASHINGTON: What an absolute blockbuster this one was. The first half presented a rich selection of seasonal music sung by 288 strong voices, including my great friend, Chris. One song which wasn't seasonally related, but just a powerful, was a tribute to Mothers of gay men. During this tune a slideshow was broadcast composed of candid photos of members with their moms. Some where from the time they were first born all the way to present age. It evoked an emotional response which caught me off guard.
The 2011 schedule has been released with the titles of their concerts:
For the Boys; Best Little Whorehouse in Texas; Crazy Little Thing Called Love; and last, And Now I Am Telling You which features the one and only Jennifer Holliday.
The ENTIRE subscription is $110 for all performances. That is nearly as cheap as a movie with popcorn and much better for you.

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