Monday, March 2, 2009


For my last blog entry I kicked it off with a question. Here is a good one for this entry: Who the hell unleashed Rush Limbaugh? If I was a republican, I would be mortified by his sheer ignorance and need for attention. His penchant for turning public appearances into a circus ring is well recognized, so why the hell would seemingly intelligent people egg this goof-ball on by giving his remarks a standing ovation? I hope, in my heart of hearts, that the majority of those in attendance last evening only offered polite applause rather than sincere encouragement.

If you know me, or have read this blog for a while, you are well aware that I am not a huge supporter of some of President Bush's decisions. The war was not on my top 10, but the incredible men and women who are fighting it have my ultimate respect and admiration. I still believe we were tricked by a cheap nutshell game into where we are instead of heading toward and staying in Afghanistan. (I will stop here so I won't digress too much on the war.) But I never disrespected the office. I never begged for failure where it would impact so many innocent people.

Mr. Limbaugh's flawed logic is that if you are a republican you are summarily against O'Bama and his financial plan. Why didn't Rush complain when Georgie-Porgie handed out checks and bailed out companies without any restrictions? Where was Rush when Mr. Sharpshooter himself, Dick Chaney ensured his next 15 generation's college funds with his Haliburton involvement during this same war?

Michael Steele, for being a former Jesuit, you are certainly keeping the wrong company. I thought you were an intelligent guy for a political who has never held even one minor elected office. You look good. You dress well. You speak with clarity. BUT, you are at a dinner with Lush Rimbaugh, the drug addict, who is publicly stirring the pot against a program that HAS to work for our collective country. We don't have any fudge factor here. We have communities going down the drain with foreclosures, good people falling into a financial abyss, and idiots like you circling the wagons cheering on failure. My sweet grandmother, Greig Gar would have called you a "harse's arse" and been her usual accurate self.

Who is willing to show leadership and propose unity at this time? Even John McCain himself stood to applaud the steps that are being taken. Can't you take a hint Lush? How about let's jump in the time machine to when Slick Willy handed over the White House keys to W. We had a balanced budget! It is during the last 8 years when this financial nightmare was created. Don't blame anyone for attempting to mop it up unless you have a better and more sensible plan you are willing to present. Don't BE the problem, Lush; be at least part of the solution.

Aside from abusing drugs, Mr. Rimbaugh, you have been found ill-mannered enough in your sideshow existence to imitate Michael J. Fox's impaired movements brought on by the advancement of Parkinson's Disease. I know kindergartners who are more in command of their public displays.

Mr. Rimbaugh, only you would publicly, for the sake of your own notoriety, call soldiers who disagree with the premise of this war to be "phony" soldiers. Hmmm, how about that funky Constitutional free speech thing? If you don't like it, don't listen. Kinda what I do to you unless you are on national news.

How about your Operation Chaos where you want Republicans and Democrats to vote in each other's primaries to cause confusion. Oh, yes, that says Democracy to me, you patriot you. Add to that your quote about it: "The dream end of this [of Operation Chaos] is that this keeps up to the Convention, and that we have a recreation of Chicago 1968 with burning cars, protests, fire, and literal riots and all of that, that is the objective here." Wow, you really do love America in a way unlike most folks I know with a multi-digit IQ.

Now, I do think you have done a few things properly. I would like to personally thank you for leaving Pittsburgh and KQV Radio (1410 on your dial). As Jeff Christie at least you kept to the usual top-40s discussion and checked your ignorance at the door. In closing, I would like to ask you to please put your hands in the air and slowly step away from being a Steelers fan. To think I am on the same side of the fence with you on any level makes me want to take out stock in PeptoBismal. Since I am more into Black and Gold rather than bold pink, I really would love you to give them up. Maybe since I asked nicely you might delight in staying a fan, so how about this: GO AHEAD AND BE A STEELERS FAN. THEY ARE ALL A BIG BUNCH OF BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS. (That should take care of it.)

NOTE: Omission of your photo is deliberate. I don't want to see you hanging around my blog, Lush. Go back to your spa rehab where you belong. Tonight I pray for your mother.


  1. Great blog! So well done!


  2. You were really railing on ole El Rushbo! Did you listen to his speech at the CPAC? Are you secretly in love with him? LOL

    How are things in DC? Is my tenant ok? He hasn't burnt the place? Perry, Megan, Parker? Rick?

    What is the latest on our "esteemed" "looser of the board"? I didn't get to implement my final plan with the dog turd. So often there just isn't enough time...


  3. I couldn't have said it better myself. Any chance we could get it to him!


  4. This guy makes millions of dollars on his radio program, to me is outrageous, because many of the issues he talks about is all about what his opinion is, and trashes people constatntly. I mean if the caller does not agrees with him, he just hangs up the call, and to the next caller. How irresponsible and rude he is. Freedom of Speech is one Thing, but Rush takes the cake as a Horses Ass.