Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Trails to You

Howdy, partners.  I'd like to start this posting with a question: Is it me or does Clint Black look like Roy Rogers' son?  Since first seeing Clint, the resemblance struck me straight on.  

The biggest difference seems to be with their hats. Roy tends to dress on 
the lighter end of the spectrum, while Clint is more comfortable on the darker end.  Clearly, they are both "winters" for their 
complexion and dressing tendencies. Maroon seems to do them justice.  
Speaking of justice, even though he wears a black hat, something tells me that Mr. Black doesn't stoop to robbing passenger trains carrying gold in the freight compartment.  His life style appears to be as antiseptic as Mr. Rogers. So, that seems to be another connection between the two of them.

Roy Rogers was lovingly known as the "King of the Cowboys" in the days when western movies had royalty.  "His comical sidekick,
 Pat Brady and Nelly Belle" were always part of the credits when the television show came on. He acted like a complete idiot and annoyed me while playing Roy's court jester. His Jeep was cool though and perhaps we could give him credit for being the first off-road driving enthusiast. Aside from hauling the amazing German shepard and all around canine hero, Bullet, on distance rides, Mr. Brady should have stayed home.

 Gabby Hayes was also featured and who didn't love that guy?   He did for Roy what Pig Pen does for Charley Brown.  He made it adorable to be cantankerous and helpful at the same time.  Plus, he spearheaded the over-the-shoulder "pout" pose before Victoria Adams, aka Posh Spice, ran it into the ground.

Roy was quite a guy. He and Dale championed adoption by having a multicultural family of 9 in addition to the his, hers, and ours they had naturally.  Who hasn't had one of his Double-R Bar Burgers at some point and taken the tray over to the Fixin's Bar for those pickle chips? As a matter of fact, my daughter worked at a Roy's reinvented restaurant in high school pushing "side kicks" which were the cafeteria displayed side dishes.  Not her favoriate experience, but it presented her with a few good early work lessons.

After 100+ movies, Roy retired. He and Dale are riding the range together again in western Heaven's south 40. Meanwhile, think about him when I send you an email using the closing "Happy Trails" or when you see Clint Black.  I just can't believe they aren't related.
For your entertainment, I've included a clip of three of my favs: Deano, Mr. Rickles and Rogers along with Dale as a dance hall gal.  Dale was bonus. Roy would have done well without her even though her contributions were substantial. She is, single handedly, responsible for their signature song. Not too shabby, Dale! I wish I had those royalties.

Happy Trails.  Give my best to Trigger and Buttercup.
And so it goes...  Scoop

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  1. Oh! yes! I loved Roy and Dale just as much as you did and do! He was the King of the Cowboys and she was his Queen. Trigger was not my favorite horse though!!! It was Diablo and he was the Cisco Kids horse. A pinto, black and white, and a true beauty!!!! But, Trigger and Champion, were a close second!

    I loved the cowboy movies and remember how good they made me feel when the good guy or guys and gal rode off into the sunset. Wow! What a wonderful ending to any show.

    Thanks for this wonderful addition to your blog and for allowing me to be apart of it!

    Congratulations on becoming a French connection in our area. You looked marvelous and I am very proud of you.

    Hope all is well and that you are enjoying school and your new position as well.

    Thanks, again, for letting me apart of this blog.